Poppin Games Japan Co.,Ltd. PRIVACY POLICY

Poppin Games Japan considers itself as corporate to be important to recognize the importance of management of the personal information gathered from customers as a result of the business activities.

Poppin Games Japan determine the below personal information protection direction, and both the directors and staffs will be bound to protect these personal information.


― About gathering the personal information ―



Management and collection of personal information

Poppin Games Japan, in order to provide services to the customers, will be required to collect personal information from the customer. We will specify the purpose of use of the collection otherwise requested under the applicable laws (Please understand that if the customer does not provide personal information, then there is chance that the service may not be used.)



The use and purpose of use of personal information

Poppin Games Japan will not take personal information without customer prior consent over the required area to achieve the usage purpose which is notified to the customers.

Poppin Games Japan has set the purpose of use of personal information as below. In additional, if there is a need to collect information beyond the below purposes, we will be contacting the customers in advance.


(1)Contacting due to business in relation to our products and services which the customers purchase;

(2)Providing our products and services;

(3)Providing information of the products and services which we are providing to.;

(4)Responding to your requests and/or enquiries;

(5)Contacting and providing information for the candidate who would like to join Poppin Games; and

(6)Other purposes which the customers agreed with the purpose before hand.



Providing information to the 3rd party

We will not provide the personal information collected from the customers to 3rd party without the prior consent from the said customers otherwise required under the applicable laws.





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